I have known Jerry Vitale for 15 years in the Direct Selling industry. He has a gift for training and coaching. I have worked with Jerry when he was a top performing distributor as well as a Vice President of a very successful Party Plan company. Because Jerry has spent his career on both sides of the field he adds tremendous insight and value to any company's strategy.

Mel Awes is an amazing leader in the Direct Selling Industry. For more than a decade I have had the pleasure of working with and benefiting from his sound and accurate advice. Having Mel on your team is an advantage that will contribute to your bottom-line again and again.

Bryan Thayer
Vice President

Video Plus
Author of The One Minute Networker
"Mel Awes and Jerry Vitale have successfully built and led national sales teams, any company could benefit from their vast experience."

David Proctor
President & CEO

Next Wave
In all of direct selling, there is only one Jerry Vitale. Here is a gifted motivational speaker with the ability to mesmerize an audience while delivering an inspirational message of hope, passion, and sheer joy. When the members of an audience listen to Jerry, they are tuned in, focused, and wholeheartedly entertained, and along the way, filled with the kind of self-confidence that makes anything possible. If you want one of the best, get Jerry Vitale on your team.

It's rare to find an individual as knowledgeable about the direct selling industry, and able and willing to share that expertise in a way that lifts people up, than Mel Awes. I first heard Mel deliver a direct sales seminar many years ago, and I was impressed by his depth of understanding. Since then, I have come to know Mel as the consummate direct sales professional, someone who knows this industry inside and out.

Together, Jerry Vitale and Mel Awes deliver a powerhouse of ideas, proven solutions, and creative approaches. Listen to these guys. They know what they are talking about!

Jim Waldsmith

Jim Waldsmith's Creative Arts, LLC
As Co-Founders of AwesVitale, Mel Awes and Jerry Vitale bring their senior executive experience to direct selling clients around the world. They provide sales and marketing solutions in all critical areas of performance improvement.

Known for their innate ability to develop and amplify a competitive advantage, they focus clients on developing a position of privilege and the methods by which their organizations will respond with a high level of effectiveness in the marketplace. With over 60 years of combined Industry experience, they offer new and dynamic approaches to building and improving critical distributor and corporate staff leadership and performance skills.

My firm, Portman-Harmony, Inc., and I have worked closely with both Mel and Jerry for the past 18 years. Together and separately, they have brought considerable new growth and profitability to start-up and established businesses. They have the ability to IDEATE AND EXECUTE... twin talents which few companies possess.

Brenda Furey-Harmeling

Portman-Harmony, Inc.
I was thrilled when I heard that these two fine men decided to join forces and launch a consulting business to benefit the direct sales industry. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with both of them and can honestly say they are a unique and dynamic team that will ignite any company and sales force they work with.

As a field leader of a large direct sales team, I and my team have benefited from Mel's and Jerry's training, leadership and guidance. I have a high level of respect for both of these men and would trust my team to them any time.

Jerry is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever witnessed, and I have heard hundreds of speakers in my career. He can deliver a message that's pointed, direct and inspiring. With his vast knowledge and understanding of our business, he delivers targeted messages and insights to a sales team like I've never seen, all without prompters, to get a team focused and ready for action. He works well in small team environments as well, assisting teams to set goals, create plans of action and remain financially secure while building a business.

Mel is a trusted and respected man of integrity. I have known Mel in two businesses, and he is a confident, competent and professional individual who brings out the best in people. He has worked at the executive level to create programs, compensation plans, hiring of field support staff, and create sales incentives to support a sales force and it's company. I have also seen him work with a consultant base, from the beginner to the advanced, in a competent and effective manner, helping them to reach goals and create strategies.

Both of these men are amazing to work with and I would recommend them to any company or sales team that wants to get out there and make it happen!

Connie Ashburn
Founding Senior Director

Southern Living At HOME
Jerry Vitale is a results-oriented individual who has an extraordinary ability to challenge and motivate a direct sales force to achieve their personal and professional goals. He is a gifted public speaker who takes command of a room with energy and passion. Jerry's successful track record of developing and implementing sales strategies and programs that improve profits and increase sales make him one of the "best in the business."

As far as I'm concerned, Mel Awes "wrote the book" on direct sales. His career in the industry spans four decades, and his vast knowledge of the business is astounding. Through the years, I have watched Mel provide support, along with wise and strategic counsel to internal executive management. I was one who benefited from his wise counsel. His coaching, mentoring, and leadership skills to the outside sales force have also been invaluable.

After working with both Jerry and Mel for the past seven years, I can say with deep conviction that they are the Pied Pipers of direct selling. They had a tremendous following among our sales leaders, and their expertise in the business, along with their passion for the business, are palpable. Together, they are a force of nature! I heartily recommend their services to you.

Pam Scott
Director of Internal Sales and Events

Southern Living At HOME

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